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Top 15 Teaching Clipart Resources with Free Educational and Commercial Use Graphics

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Our lives depend significantly on illustrations, pictures, images, clipart, videos, and other visuals. When teachers enhance the new information with visual content, it is always easier for elementary, high school, and college students to study. No wonder teaching clipart is so popular nowadays!

Teaching clipart

Education Clipart

Every educator wishes to grasp the pupils' attention. And images with transparent backgrounds are easy to "clip" onto any teaching project, be it a presentation, poster, sign, or anything else.

Explore our selection of the most incredible resources of education clipart. Most teachers' graphics are 100% free, and other pictures require a commercial license. But they all give you a simple way to create fantastic visuals for pupils and students, who will love seeing your new projects and find studies fun.

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1. Free Educator Clipart at FreePik

When you search for free educator graphics and vector pictures, you can rely on This popular source of free illustrations can help teachers create professional posters, presentations, classroom signs and provide interesting visual information for students to enjoy.

Free educator clipart

This site is a jewel for free teacher clipart. You need to use the top inquiry field to search for the diversity of free classroom illustrations, education pictures, elementary school image ideas, etc. You can find all these files in various formats, including vector .Ai and .Eps artworks and raster .Jpeg illustrations.

When you download the complimentary education graphics from FreePik, ensure whether you must credit the author or not. Then you can work on your presentations using the free teaching clipart from this resource.

2. Unique School Characters Clipart at DigiArtDreams

You will find many cute versions of students learning clip art on This source offers highly-detailed and unique teachers graphics that can decorate your projects and make them clearer, super adorable, and more interesting for your students.

Teachers graphics

Cute characters of girls and boys going to school, reading books, doing homework at the desk, being fond of sports, studying astronomy (other science classes) will amaze you with detail and bright colors. The variety of skin colors and hairstyles ensures that you find the best teaching clipart for your educational projects.

You can even play games with your elementary school pupils by printing adorable paper dolls and dressing them into school uniforms. It is a stunning idea to entertain little minds while studying.

3. Free Student and Teacher Characters at VectorCharacters

Every educator looking for cute and free teaching clipart can visit This resource is regularly updated with new free education clip art you can download for your learning projects.

Teachers clip art free

Most of the student and teacher characters you can download are cartoons. It means that you can enjoy bright, colorful royalty free clipart for teachers who need artworks of scientists, educators, students, pupils, alphabets, etc.

4. Free Clipart Library for Teachers

Education clipart covers a wide variety of teaching themes. Kids need to learn many things, including food, colors, animals, seasons of the year, countries, emotions, etc. And many of these ideas can be found at It is one of the many free resources with royalty-free clipart for teachers and parents you can enjoy.

Teaching cliparts 

Some free teachers' graphics come with a license you must order separately. Still, if there is no such a note next to the pictures you have chosen, it means you should only credit the website.

5. Royalty Free Clipart for Teachers

Go to to search for many great teaching clipart ideas. This resource offers two types of licenses - for personal and commercial use. Thus, you can find educational graphics to suit various purposes and complete any exciting project you are planning for your pupils at the moment.

Teachers clip art free

With more than 21 million clip art images, this education resource deserves to be on your list of the best teacher clipart for elementary and high school students. You will get something cute and valuable here to improve your teaching experience and interest kids.

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6. Online Teaching Clipart at PNGTree

Everyone who is looking for cute education clipart can visit A vast collection of cartoon characters can improve your teaching projects, class posters, presentations, and signs.

Clip art resources

The adorable education pictures clip art you will find in this resource is free, so you can get anything needed for your classroom projects. All these pieces will work great for you, from cute monsters, kids, and characters to different learning elements.

And, of course, free clipart for elementary teachers and educators is also available. So, enjoy vector and raster images in numerous formats and pick those that could make your teaching projects better, brighter, and more stylish.

7. Best Teacher Clipart at Pixabay

This resource is an excellent selection of free commercial clipart for teachers. On, there are over two million royalty-free images, music files, and videos that can be perfect for learning centers, schools, kindergarten, colleges, and universities.

Free classroom clipart

This education clipart resource is easy to browse. Type what you are looking for and choose the pieces from the variety that matches your inquiry. Your next teaching poster could amaze everyone in your school!

8. Free Educational Clipart at All Free Download

You will find many ideas for students learning clip art and teachers' graphics at This resource offers a wide variety of images for classroom and college posters, presentations about holidays, and other topics.

Clip art education

There is a short download arrow next to each artwork, so use this education clip art without worries. Learning has become easier once you find your most trusted resources with PNG icons, PSD illustrations, and other images.

9. Free Classroom Clipart

Visit if you wish to find teacher, students, and tutors clipart. This online-library lets students download many artworks with a free personal use license.

Teaching graphics

Some illustrations and photographs will ask you to order a commercial use license. So, be attentive to the Classroom Clipart source's numerous categories and select smartly.

Creating visuals for your classes will make the educational process more enjoyable and attention-catching. Your students will value such an experience.

10. Clip Art for Teachers at Vecteezy

Teachers clip art free vectors and raster images can be found on This resource boasts over 120,000 royalty-free clipart for teachers and students.

Education clip art

The numerous categories and even more sub-categories make it easy to search and find whatever you need. Discovering this clip art, teachers will prepare for classes way faster, and their presentations will be more stunning.

A sign "free" next to many images lets you know that this clip art for teachers costs nothing. Just download it and use it in your projects. However, you might need to contribute to the artwork's designers.

11. Etsy Resource Clip Art

Some marketplaces offer a variety of products, including education clip art. Etsy is such a place, which you can visit at

Etsy clipart

This site comes with many educational pictures clip art for teachers and students, but most artworks are available for a fee. Plus, you are asked to order a commercial license to add the illustrations to your profitable products.

Etsy is also a resource of unique teaching clipart. Here, creative designers worldwide share their cute characters, school images, classroom project templates, and other artworks you will find nowhere else.

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12. Students Learning Clip Art at Dreamstime

Go to to find an extensive choice of royalty-free clipart for teachers and students. This resource of education images is filled with over a million artworks. In other words, this site might be your destination if your projects require free classroom clipart and other teaching icons and illustrations that simplify the educational process.

Online teaching clip art

From school buses and famous characters to flowers, trees, animals, and holiday-inspired pictures, all these and way more ideas can be downloaded for free.

13. Teachers Graphics for Presentations

Educators who spend much time on presentations will find a helpful teaching resource. This place offers annual and monthly plans that start at about $40.

Best teacher clipart

Most presentation clipart here comes in PNG format. However, every user can customize the artwork and add images into PowerPoint templates to complete the most incredible educational presentations. The site also offers such templates.

14. Cute Clipart for Teachers

Our list of clip art resources should also mention an attractive site that comes with logos. The website offers over 70,000 free classroom clip art and logo ideas.

Clip art education

The pictures come in numerous .Eps, .SVG, .Ai, and .CDR formats. Browse logos, backgrounds, characters, and education clip art ideas to perfect your project.

15. Simple Teaching Clipart

Free education pictures clip art does not have to be complex and contain many tiny details. Sometimes, simplicity is valued more, and you can find simple free educational clipart on

Educational graphics

While this site does not offer too many free graphics, you can download some images at no cost. Science, school, grammar, spelling, and many other pictures will cost money on this website.

Undoubtedly, many of these 15 teaching clipart resources will be helpful for your appealing presentations, cute cards, unique posters, attention-grabbing signs, and other educational projects. Pupils will love your creativity!

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