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How to Make Princess Birthday Invitations on Cricut Explore Air 2

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Party planning can be a lot of fun, especially when your little princess is about to celebrate her birthday. Learn how to make birthday invitations on Cricut Explore Air 2. Add a unique touch by cutting DIY projects, such as royal party invites featuring a castle and a carriage.

Your daughter or niece will be happy with her beautiful invitations cut with the Cricut machine.

Princess birthday invites

Cricut Invitations

Making invitations on Cricut is a breeze. The process is simple, fast, and enjoyable.

The machine and Design Space software allows working with any possible shape, design, and cut anything you can imagine. There are no limitations. And if you are bored with standard 5" x 7" invitations, explore endless opportunities by making trifold invites featuring cute shapes.

You can find many great free templates using regular Cricut Access. Or pay for the premium quality files by Digital Art Dreams that let you make a card castle with a royal carriage pocket.

How to Make a Card Castle

For these DIY princess birthday invitations, you will need some things:

  • A paper cutting machine (we use Cricut Explore Air 2);
  • A scoring stylus;
  • A weeding tool;
  • Premium quality cardstock of your favorite color (we use light pink for this project);
  • A 12" x 12" or 12" x 24" cutting mat;
  • Cricut invitation template (we work with Princess Castle Birthday Invitation SVG files);
  • Glue.

These are the quick steps that will let you cut cute trifold princess birthday invites on a 12" x 12" cutting mat and your Cricut Explore Air 2.

Step 1. Download Princess Castle Invitation Template SVG files. If you are using a 12" x 12" mat and wish to make a trifold card with a pocket for RSVPs, you should use the files that have "Part 1" and "Part 2" in their titles.

Launch Cricut Design Space on your computer.

Step 2. Upload the first SVG file with the castle silhouette into Design Space. Let your Cricut princess party begin!

How to make invitations on Cricut Explore Air 2

Select the "Basic Cut" for the folding line and switch from "Cut" to "Score." You will see a dashed line, meaning you did everything correctly.

Making invitations on Cricut

Remember to attach the castle silhouette (Basic Cut) and dashed line (Score) so that your Explore Air 2 scores the folding line and then cuts the castle silhouette.

Step 3. Click "Make It" when you are ready. Place an A4 size cardstock on the cutting mat (we use a light pink cardstock), select your material by turning the dial, and load the mat following the instructions by Design Space.

How to make a card castle

Press "Go" to begin the scoring and cutting process and watch your machine do the magic.

Tips. We cut a 300gsm A4 sheet, so we chose "Posterboard +" to achieve the best result.

Step 4. Use your weeding tool to remove excess material in the castle design.

How to make birthday invitations on Cricut

Then repeat Steps 2-4 with the same cardstock paper color but a different SVG file with a carriage.

Now you have two parts of the trifold Princess Castle Birthday Invitation, one with the castle and the other with the royal carriage used as a pocket.

Cricut birthday invitation template

Step 5. Glue the two parts of your project and let it rest for a while.

DIY princess birthday invitations

Your royal party invites look adorable! Just add the inserts, and send your cards to all the guests.

Cricut invitations template

Insert Ideas

Your trifold DIY princess birthday invitations will need inserts. The templates designed by Digital Art Dreams will look great with 5" x 7" inserts and smaller RSVP cards.

You can go with regular white cardstock options and add princess clipart to the background, a golden frame, some sparkling stars, your invitation text.

Royal party invites

More Cricut Birthday Invitations Ideas

Think of the party theme and all possible shapes that match it. Be creative and look for the images you could use. Digital Art Dreams has an extensive selection of highly-detailed PNG images. You can also search the web and google free artworks with a transparent background.

Beware that the googled illustrations could be copyrighted or have watermarks across the image. Luckily, you can avoid all possible legal issues by downloading clipart images with a commercial license or getting them through the Cricut Design Space. This software offers some lovely artworks for free and even more for a fee (with Cricut Access), which you can add to the invitation background to create unique Cricut invitations.

Depending on your party theme, you can choose the best artworks with:

  • Mermaids;
  • Cheerleaders;
  • Ballerinas;
  • Unicorns;
  • Space rockets;
  • Football players;
  • Princesses;
  • Knights;
  • Cars;
  • Other ideas (gumball machines, vinyl records, fairies, butterflies, etc.).

Beautiful Cricut Invitation Templates

Ballerina Cricut birthday invitation template

Ballerina Birthday Invitation Template

Use premium SVG, PDF, DXF cutting files to recreate beautiful Ballerina Tri-Fold Birthday Invitations. You will need your Cricut or other paper cutting machine, these Ballerina cutting files and a couple of hours to cut, weed and glue the invites.


Princess invitation template

Princess Invitation Template

Enjoy cutting pretty party invites using premium tri-fold princess invitation template SVG, PDF, DXF files. You will love the intricate princess silhouette in a floral dress and long hair. And you will like the cute royal crown-inspired pocket design.


Select the shapes you love and start designing your Cricut birthday invitations. You will love the process! And if you feel that you lack ideas, join Digital Art Dreams Instagram and follow our instructions on making birthday invitations on Cricut and other craft guides.


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