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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Art Dreams offers answers to the most asked questions regarding our digital products and services. You can find a detailed FAQ guide below.

FAQ about Digital Art Dreams clipart images

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


How can I place an order with Digital Art Dreams?

Search for the digital files you wish to purchase, add them to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay for your order with PayPal or debit/credit card. The transaction is secured by PayPal or Shopify SSL servers.


How do I download the digital files I purchased?

Once you place an order and pay for it, you can download the digital files right away.

Firstly, the download link is sent to your email address, so ensure a valid email during registration or order placement. Please check your Spam/Junk folder if the email ends up in it and mark it as Safe.

Secondly, you can access your order in your account on Digital Art Dreams Website and download all the purchased files from there.

The files are usually compressed in a .ZIP folder, which must be unzipped to get individual files. You should double click on the .ZIP folder to open it and view its contents. Please select all the files you see inside, and drag-drop them into your folder on a computer. The files will be taken out so that you can print, edit, or use them in your projects.


How can I open the .ZIP folder and unzip files on a mobile device?

Users who wish to unzip the purchased digital files on their mobile device should install a particular application such as IZIP or others.

Digital Art Dreams company recommends Buyers to unzip files on their computers, PC or Mac.


I cannot download files right now. Can I access them later?

Absolutely! The download link or links to the files you purchase with Digital Art Dreams is emailed to you and saved in your order history on the Website (for registered users).

You can download the files when you are ready to use them.

Digital Art Dreams recommends you mark the email with the download links as "important" to access them later. Or you can bookmark the links not to lose them.

In case you lose the email with the download links, please contact Digital Art Dreams and let us know your Order Number. Our customer service will make sure to find your links and email them to you again.


What formats of digital artwork does offer?

At Digital Art Dreams, you can find images in different file formats.

Digital Art Dreams offers clipart images as high-quality and detailed 300 DPI files. Every clipart image is saved in PNG format with a transparent background. Each artwork is saved individually, and then all files within one listing are compressed into a ZIP folder.

The digital papers (backgrounds) are saved as square 300 DPI files in JPEG/JPG format. They are sized at 12 x 12 inches.

SVG templates for Cricut and other paper cutting machines are saved in several formats: SVG, PDF, and PNG. SVG and PDF templates are vector formats, and PNG image is raster graphics with a transparent background.


What is the size of the digital images offered by Digital Art Dreams?

The size of the graphics can range from 1 inch to 12 inches. Please read the description to each listing for size details before making a purchase.

The size of the digital papers for scrapbooking crafts is 12 x 12 inches.


Are files individually saved or come like the preview scene?

Digital Art Dreams offers previews of clipart images, SVG papercut templates, and digital papers as scenes. However, every artwork is saved individually.


Personal use clipart. What does it mean?

You can use all the images offered by Digital Art Dreams in various DIY projects, family crafts, paper cards, scrapbooking, fun activities for kids, etc. You can print them as many times as you wish, and you require no special license.

It is fantastic if you can mention "Graphics by DigitalArtDreams" or tag our images #digiartdreams or #digitalartdreams on Instagram.

However, if you profit from images created by Digital Art Dreams, you must get a Commercial Use License.


Commercial use clipart. What does it mean?

If you profit from using images created by Digital Art Dreams, you require a license that permits commercial use of graphics.

You can purchase a commercial license for one listing or whole shop.


What is a commercial license by DigitalArtDreams?

If you run a small business or do commercial projects that bring you profit, using graphics by DigitalArtDreams in your products requires an additional Commercial License.

This license does not come with any clipart, SVG cut file, or background you purchase on It is purchased separately for every DigitalArtDreams graphics you are using commercially.

You can either buy a 1-time Commercial License for every clipart individually or buy the shop package Commercial License that allows using any artwork from with up to 500 sales per each.

If you are selling more than 500 copies of a product that features our graphics, you do not run a small business.


Am I allowed to resell, share, give the Digital Art Dreams artworks to my friends after purchase?

No, you are not. It is not allowed to resell or share artworks created by Digital Art Dreams with any third-party. You can download the clipart, SVG cut files, and backgrounds for personal use. Or you can create your products that feature our images under Commercial License for small businesses.


Can I cut PNG clipart with a Cricut machine or other smart cutting machine?

Every PNG clipart offered by Digital Art Dreams does not work for layered Vinyl printing or layered paper cutouts.

You can only cut around PNG artwork via the "Print and Cut" option to use these artworks for paper cards, DIY crafts, as party favors, etc.


Can I cut SVG files with a Cricut machine or other smart cutting machine?

Absolutely! Our high-quality SVG files are meant for papercutting or vinyl cutting. You can use our SVG artwork with a heat transfer technique, sublimation, surface printing, etc.


Where to use clipart?

Many craft ideas would look much better with high-quality clipart images. You can use our artworks for:

  • Making paper cards;
  • Creating unique scrapbooking pages;
  • Turning clipart into planner stickers and party favors;
  • Decorating your t-shirt, clothes, any surface with sublimation;
  • Creating 3D cards;
  • Using clipart in printed and digital invitations;
  • Turning clipart into wall decor;
  • Decorating your chore charts;
  • Using clipart as your book illustrations;
  • Customizing into your social account profile, banner, logo, etc.;
  • Decorating bottlecaps, accessories, buttons, bows, cakes;
  • Adding to printed school/teacher resources;
  • Printing for DIY crafts and projects.

Please note that our clipart images are not editable. You can use our artworks in projects with flattened graphics.


Can I resell your clipart or use it in my digital sets?

No, you cannot do this. There are restrictions for using artworks made by Digital Art Dreams:

  • It is not allowed to resell our clipart images, digital papers, SVG paper cut templates, and other files;
  • It is not allowed to use our artworks to create your digital images;
  • It is not allowed to share our images with your friends or third-party users;
  • It is not allowed to resell our artworks as standalone digital images (stickers, stamps, sublimation, clipart, logos, transfer files, etc.);
  • It is not allowed to convert our PNG clipart to vector graphics and resell as PNG, SVG, PDF, AI, or any other file format;
  • It is not allowed to cut, crop, or mix our artworks to design new characters, sell them or use them on your products.

It is also not allowed to use our artworks in your commercial projects with more than 500 sales without our permission or retail license.