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From US Clipart for Sale to Digital Art Dreams Website

Posted by Olena Horielova on

It is fantastic when your hobby grows into something big, impressive, and inspiring. Several years ago, I could not even dream of offering more than cute US clipart and other digital art for sale. Today, I am a happy owner of my independent website Digital Art Dreams hosted on Shopify. And I would love to share my experience and a code for 40 free Etsy listings with you.

Back in 2016, I made an important decision to add my very first listing to my Digital Art Dreams shop on US. A childish dream to create cute digital artwork migrated from my thoughts to the physical world in the form of a clipart studio. I couldn't imagine where this journey would take me.

Free Etsy listings US

I kept my fingers crossed after publishing my first listing for sale on Etsy. I never dreamt that my Etsy Digital Art Dreams shop would reach an impressive 2,000 sales milestone several years later. In those days, I didn't hear about Etsy free listings, so I had to pay an extra 20 cents to list new images I created.

Of course, it took many weeks for my first sale to happen. But the more customers learned about my clipart studio, the more listings I added, and the more reviews appeared under my profile, boosting sales and bringing more interested clients.

I kept drawing and listing on Etsy. I love this hobby, so it was a pleasure to work extra hours after my regular work hours, devoting many evenings and weekends to my hobby. And when my US store got more attention and positive reviews, I knew it was time to grow and think of something bigger.

It was how I started my website in 2020. Shopify powers this independent clip art studio, and it also offers clipart for sale, just as my Etsy shop is doing. The Digital Art Dreams website is my baby, which birthday I will celebrate every fall. But I have a dream to help it grow into a successful shop with fantastic clipart images for sale. It will eventually become a teenager and then a full grown-up shop. I will do my best to make this dream come true.

But right now, I would love to help new clipart studio owners and enthusiasts who wish to start something fantastic. Below, I will share a code for Etsy 40 free listings for newbies. You can use my Etsy referral link to register a new shop with Etsy clipart for sale, your handmade dolls, custom wall decals, unique pillowcases, etc. As your Etsy referral, my store on US will also get the 40 listings for free.

Etsy Free Listings

Unfortunately, back in 2016, I did not know that I could launch my first clipart shop and get 40 free Etsy listings.

Etsy 40 free listings

Luckily, I can share my Etsy free listings code with you to use in 2023 and 2024. Here are two referral links you can use for new registrations on US and other countries:


Choose either link and get a nice bonus as a part of Etsy referral program, which can save you $8 (this is how much publishing 40 new listings costs). While it's a small sum of money, it still can help new users who can benefit from Etsy free listing until their shop becomes well-established and starts to drive regular sales to cover the price for listing on Etsy.

Etsy referral link

How to List on Etsy for free:

Step 1. Click my Etsy referral link or and register a new account.

Step 2. If you are unsure how to name your US shop, choose any name for now. You can change it later when you are ready to launch your store with that one great name you love.

Step 3. Publish your first listing to activate your Etsy shop. It will cost you $0.20. The first listing is never free.

Step 4. Now, you can add Etsy 40 free listings or update your current ones 40 times without paying the publishing fee of $0.20 per every new publication/update.

Step 5. As a friendly gesture to Etsy referral, the platform will offer 40 free listings to my Digital Art Dreams clipart studio, too.

As you see, the Etsy free listings code is a win-win solution for newbies and participants of their referral program. The links are valid in 2023 and 2024, so you can register your new account today and activate your new shop anytime. The 40 free Etsy listings will be added to your account automatically, and you will use them when you are ready to publish your products for sale.

What is Etsy free listing promo code 2024?

You can use the Etsy free listing promo code 2024 to launch a new store through the referral program and enjoy listing on Etsy for no cost for a while. Remember that the first listing you create costs 20 cents. But the next 40 are complimentary!

How long does Etsy listing last?

Each time you list on Etsy, your product will last up to 3 months or until it is sold and renewed automatically (if you select this option). If there are no sales within the three months, you will have to update the listing, or it will be hidden from views.

How to get 40 free listings on Etsy?

You have two options. You can use the links from this post to receive 40 free Etsy listings for your brand-new shop. Or you already run an US store. In that case, you can create your Etsy referral link and attract new users to start their business with this platform, which will help you keep listing on Etsy at no cost, too.

Can you sell on Etsy for free?

It is possible to list on Etsy at no cost using the free Etsy listings code. However, you cannot avoid such fees as transaction fee, VAT, processing fee, etc.

What's my Etsy shop link?

I used to wonder how to find the link to my Etsy shop to share it with clients. What's my Etsy URL? It is simple. My unique link is, where "digitalartdreams" is the name of my shop Digital Art Dreams. Using this sample, you can quickly figure out how to get an Etsy link for your store. Replace the "digitalartdreams" part in my URL with your store name (don't capitalize anything, and write several words as one word). Then copy your link to your browser and ensure you have it correctly. Enjoy!

P.S. I love the opportunity to offer Etsy clipart for sale through my Digital Art Dreams shop and share the free Etsy listings codes with anyone interested. And I also love my new website on Shopify. I will update this blog periodically, and I wish us all success and some good luck!

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  • Thank you for the code! I was about to open an Etsy shop. I am super glad I came across your post. Now I have 40 free Etsy listings for my start. Thanks a lot!

    Irina on

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