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Newest Cricut Maker 3: Best Machine to Enjoy in 2021?

Posted by Olena Horielova on

Wouldn't it be awesome to craft beautiful paper cards, party invitations, giant flowers, and other things without a cutting mat? Cricut Maker 3 requires no mat, and its cutting speeds have been increased up to 2X compared to previous devices. By the way, these are not all advantages to keep in mind.

The newest Cricut Maker cutting machine 2021 is now available to all the fans of paper cutting, vinyl cutting, and other crafts. This intelligent cutting device is even more powerful than the previous generations. So, explore its main specs and compare Cricut Maker vs. Maker 3 to learn all the pros and cons.

Newest Cricut machine 2021

Cricut Maker 3

According to the manufacturer, their Cricut Maker 3 is the most powerful among their intelligent cutting machines. Its cutting speed is up to twice faster than in previous-generation devices.

What does Cricut Maker 3 offer to every hobbyist who chooses this 2021 release over older Makers?

Based on the reports from the company (manufacturer), the latest device works with over 300 materials, including Smart Materials. Thus, you can use it for working with delicate paper, cardstock, leather material, chipboard, and even balsa wood.

Disclosure. This post includes Amazon affiliate links to Cricut Maker 3, Maker, Explore 3, Explore Air 2, and Beginner Bundles. We might earn a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through the links.

Quick Facts

  • When did the newest Cricut Maker come out? - Maker 3 was released in 2021.
  • How big can Cricut Maker cut? - The latest machine is very powerful, speedy, and cuts deeply even without the mat if you choose Smart Materials. Your project can be as big as 12 inches x 12 feet. However, you still need a mat if you are working with non-branded materials.
  • What does a Cricut do? - Old and newest cutting machines are perfect for cutting all types of materials, from vinyl to thick cardstock, and add fun to your crafting life.
  • What are Cricut Maker 3 colors? - The machine is available in Mist color (soft blue shade). Old machines had more color options.
  • What are Cricut Maker 3 buttons? - There is a power button and three buttons to Go (start a project), Load and Unload mat, and Pause.

 What does a Cricut do Maker 3

Super-Fast Crafts

The main advantage of Cricut Maker 3, released in June 2021, over previous machines, is its quick speed.

Crafters who are used to Explore Air 2, Air, Maker will be impressed with the ability to make a significant cut within seconds.

This smart cutting machine features powerful motors. They make it a super-man who saves your crafting time if you choose the Smart Materials offered by Cricut.

Cricut Maker 3 colors and smart materials

About Smart Materials

To increase the speeds, the company introduced Smart Materials. These are unique products that require no preparation or cutting mat.

It is easy to load Smart Materials directly into your Cricut Maker 3. The machine is ready to cut a piece up to 12 feet long in a single go.

The list of materials you can use without a mat is not long for now:

  • Smart Vinyl: you can find it in various colors, permanent or removable options, etc.
  • Smart Iron-On: this material is released in different sizes (up to 4 or 12 feet), effects, and colors.
  • Smart Paper: such cardstock pieces have a backing, so they are quick to peel and stick onto your projects.

You can create stickers for custom mugs, T-shirts, bags, caps, banners, funny cards, layered projects, and other crafts using all these products. Crafting without glue is fantastic!

What's Inside the Package

The retail price of Circut Maker 3 is $399 on Amazon. You can also find bundles with Smart Vinyl, an essential toolset, or roll holder at $430-$460 and over $500 per bundle.

However, the basic Maker 3 does not have much. The package includes:

  • The newest 2021 cutting machine;
  • Housing with Fine-Point blade;
  • USB cable;
  • Power adapter;
  • Welcome card;
  • Free trial subscription to Cricut Access software with numerous projects.

The design is the same as old Cricut Maker machines. However, you can currently choose only one color (Mist).

Latest Cricut machine

Tools for Cricut Maker 3

Just like the old Cricut machines, its newest Maker 3 supports several tools.

The list includes 13 positions, such as Knife, Rotary blades, QuickSwap equipment. These options make it easy to cut thick cardstock, fabric with and without backing, engraving, debossing, scoring, etc.

The newest Cricut Maker 3 is ready to cut as soon as you unbox it. It is possible because the company installs the Fine-Point Blade into every device that leaves the factory.

What does a Cricut Maker 3 do?

The machine is ready to cut vinyl and light cardstock, letting you craft giant projects that can reach 12 feet in length.

If you love making colorful stickers, you can make them yourself. Use white or colored paper with backing to print on a regular printer, then cut your projects with a cutting machine.

The device can cut thicker materials than previous generations. Thus, you can work on fantastic 3D cards, flowers, and other dimensional crafts.

A Rotary Blade allows cutting fabric, quilt, and applique. However, you must purchase this tool separately.

Besides, you are welcome to explore various craft ideas in our Instagram account and use our premium quality SVG files to cut stunning pieces from paper, vinyl and other materials.

Cricut Maker vs Maker 3

Cricut Maker vs. Maker 3

The two devices have much in common. Both generations can cut various materials, although there are some differences.

Both cutting devices have:

  • A comfortable built-in cubby for your tools;
  • Four low-profile buttons to turn the machine on and off, start the project, pause it, load and unload the cutting mat;
  • Nice in-door tray for storing your tools and replacement parts;
  • Two clamps for your cutting and scoring or writing in one go;
  • A docking slot for holding a mobile device or instructions.

The differences are:

  • Original Maker has more color options than Maker 3;
  • Only Maker 3 can cut without a mat;
  • Maker 3 can cut twice faster than previous generations if you choose Smart Materials;
  • The newest Cricut Maker is more expensive than the old machines;
  • Maker 3 has an extra accessory to hold long 12-feet rolls of vinyl for more simple cutting.

When you look at Cricut Maker vs. Maker 3, you might choose the latest generation over old devices. Many customers are happy with their newest purchase. However, some people find it not worth the $399 price tag because Explore Air 2 and older Maker can lead to similar results at a lower cost.


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