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Little House Clipart

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The single Little House Clipart with an African American girl and corgi dog will turn your crafts into dreamlike projects. The artworks are suppressed in one .zip folder with these files:

  • My house clipart png (large image);
  • Little house clipart png (small image).

Digital Art Dreams saved the two versions of the same house clipart as individual 300 dpi PNG files with a transparent background.

The large artwork's size is 18" x 19" (45.7 x 48 cm).

The small illustration's size is 7.5" x 7.5" (19 x 19 cm).

House Clipart PNG

As a child, we all dream of "my house," where we will live when we grow up. In our house clipart png image, we tried to recreate a childhood dream in the form of a purple brick home with a white fence on the porch.

This fairytale house image features an attic with windows, a chimney on a colorful tiled roof, and flowerpots on the fence and windowsill. In front of the building, a little African American girl in a pink dress and with two hair buns is watering flowers.

The little house clipart also shows a corgi dog in a doghouse, a bowl of food, and a ball. Beautiful purple, lilac, pink and multi-colored shades make this illustration very polished and perfect for children's cards, birthday invitations, party posters, t-shirt prints, wall art, various arts and crafts.

My House Clipart

Digital Art Dreams enjoys working on children's illustrations for personal use. For commercial projects, please order a Commercial License (you must buy it separately).

Transform the little house clipart into luxurious posters, wall decor in the nursery, printables, other DIY projects, and crafts.

If you plan to decorate your products with our graphics (clipart, SVG paper cutting templates, digital papers), you are required to purchase an additional Commercial License.

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License for up to 500 Sales

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License for Unlimited Sales from 1 Listing

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License for Unlimited Sales on ALL Graphics

Do not want to control the number of your sales featuring graphics by Digital Art Dreams? Do not want to keep a record of images for which you have obtained a No Credit License? Get a special Commercial License for ALL graphics made by Digital Art Dreams.

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