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Unlimited Commercial License per 1 Listing

Regular price $50.00

This Commerical License gives you the right to commercial use of graphics from 1 (one) listing from the Digital Art Dreams clipart shop without providing a link to

Unlimited Commercial License

This Digital Art Dreams license is for small businesses and home-based crafters to use our digital graphics in your projects with unlimited sales (paper cards, scrapbooking, planner stickers, wall art, t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc.) without a credit given to

  • Commercial License for graphics from 1 (one) listing with no credit given to

This license is purchased for each listing separately.

  • For business and individual projects;
  • Unlimited sales.
  • The Commercial License gives you no right to resell our graphics as digital files or part of your digital projects for sale.

This is a digital Commercial License for Unlimited Sales of your products with our graphics from 1 (one) listing. You can print it after purchasing if you want.

If you plan to decorate your products with our graphics (clipart, SVG paper cutting templates, digital papers), you are required to purchase an additional Commercial License.

Digital Art Dreams clipart shop offers three types of No Credit Commercial Licenses.

License for up to 500 Sales

Crafters and businesses that need graphics from only 1 (one) listing from can purchase the No Credit Commercial Use License for up to 500 sales.

It is valid for 1 listing only, and you have to purchase an additional license for graphics from each additional listing.

License for Unlimited Sales from 1 Listing

Individuals and businesses that wish to sell more than 500 products featuring our graphics from 1 (one) listing only can buy another type of license. It is called Commercial License for Unlimited Sales.

This license is valid for 1 listing only. It requires no credit given to You have to purchase extra licenses for graphics from each additional listing.

License for Unlimited Sales on ALL Graphics

Do not want to control the number of your sales featuring graphics by Digital Art Dreams? Do not want to keep a record of images for which you have obtained a No Credit License? Get a special Commercial License for ALL graphics made by Digital Art Dreams.

It is valid on all current and future artworks you can find on the clipart shop and requires no credit given to our website.