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Dancing Witch Clip Art

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The 5 Dancing Witch Clip Art images are perfect for spooky crafts. The Halloween collection is suppressed into a .zip folder, consisting of five images:

  • Black witch ballerina png;
  • Red hair dancing witch png;
  • Blonde girl in witch costume png;
  • Brown hair witch dancer png;
  • Black hair girl with a broomstick png.

Digital Art Dreams created these five ballerina girls for Halloween and saved each artwork as a 300 dpi png clipart with a transparent background.

The size of each dancing witch clip art is about 11.5" x 9.5" (29 x 24 cm).

Witch Ballerina Clipart

A little dancing girl always looks gracious and pretty. But have you seen a beautiful dancing witch clip art? These little girls even come with their partner, a magical broomstick every witchy ballerina must carry on Halloween.

The witch ballerina clipart features girls in two skin colors and different hair color options. Their costume is made of a black leotard with a tutu skirt, a purple belt, and a pointed hat.

This premium-quality Halloween artwork can decorate your wall, scrapbook, planner, cards, invitations, etc. Just print it or clip it into your digital project.

Ballerina Witch Costume PNG

The artwork by Digital Art Dreams is designed for personal use. For commercial projects, please obtain a Commercial License (must be purchased separately).

Put on your black leotard and witch hat, take a broomstick, and you are ready for ballet class on Halloween just like the cuties on our unique dancing witch clip art!

If you plan to decorate your products with our graphics (clipart, SVG paper cutting templates, digital papers), you are required to purchase an additional Commercial License.

Digital Art Dreams clipart shop offers three types of No Credit Commercial Licenses.

License for up to 500 Sales

Crafters and businesses that need graphics from only 1 (one) listing from can purchase the No Credit Commercial Use License for up to 500 sales.

It is valid for 1 listing only, and you have to purchase an additional license for graphics from each additional listing.

License for Unlimited Sales from 1 Listing

Individuals and businesses that wish to sell more than 500 products featuring our graphics from 1 (one) listing only can buy another type of license. It is called Commercial License for Unlimited Sales.

This license is valid for 1 listing only. It requires no credit given to You have to purchase extra licenses for graphics from each additional listing.

License for Unlimited Sales on ALL Graphics

Do not want to control the number of your sales featuring graphics by Digital Art Dreams? Do not want to keep a record of images for which you have obtained a No Credit License? Get a special Commercial License for ALL graphics made by Digital Art Dreams.

It is valid on all current and future artworks you can find on the clipart shop and requires no credit given to our website.