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African American Dollhouse Dolls

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Wouldn't it be magic to get back to your childhood and play in the dollhouse with your favorite toys? The clipart with African American dollhouse dolls and a black girl can bring back your childhood memories and decorate your DIY projects.

The African American dollhouse dolls clipart features a lovely miniature house with brick walls, a pink opened roof, and some interior pieces. A black girl is standing right behind her treasure and playing with her two dolls.

This cute dollhouse clipart comes with many fun details. It can make your scrapbooking pages, planner stickers, cards, and invitations genuinely unique.

African American Dollhouse Clipart

The African American dollhouse clipart is a single image saved as a 300 dpi PNG file with a transparent background.

The size of the African American dollhouse dolls with a girl image is approximately 11" x 11" (28 cm x 28 cm).

Digital Art Dreams creates highly-detailed images for personal use. For commercial projects, please obtain a Commercial License (must be purchased separately).

The cute black girl and her lovely dark-skinned dolls, a glimpse of the dollhouse's interior and exterior walls look magical. You will love the pink color theme and every detail of this PNG image.

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