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Best Free Clip Art Images and Quality Clipart Downloads

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When designing a new poster, flyer, postcard, invitation, or cover, it is essential to find your perfect clipart images. As you Google "clip art free" artworks, you should still be attentive to use only the no-cost and royalty-free clip art.

Digital Art Dreams compiled the best clipart website selection to save you time. Below you will find a list of 15 sites with quality clipart and free downloadable clip art that will make your projects stand out and look eye-catching in 2022.

Clip art free images

Clip Art Free Websites

The 15 sources with free clipart images represented in our post are user-friendly, with quick navigation and a great variety of stunning pictures with a transparent background.

Enjoy going through various royalty-free clipart downloads and bookmark the websites with the most appealing images. You will indeed find enough pictures to do your perfect DIY projects.

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1. - Quality Clipart

Quality clipart

When you are in search of unique web clipart, visit This studio is perfect for finding highly-detailed art clipart, cute little characters, error-free SVG files, and adorable digi papers.

The website is user-friendly. It offers free clip art as a sample of premium-quality images. Anyone who wants to download it can send a simple request using this form.

Users who love working with unique illustrations can also request custom clip art images. All projects offered as .png clipart come with a transparent background. It is quick to "clip" any image onto your backgrounds to amaze everyone with your Facebook banners, website design, printable cards, wall decor, etc.

2. - Free Clip Art Images Online

Florida Center for Instructional Technology

Visit to find more than 70,000 royalty-free clipart and over 23,000 stock photos for class use. Educational clip art images you can download for free are always popular among teachers and students who work on numerous projects daily.

FCIT clipart website gives you access to handy content, including good illustrations, quality pictures, and art pieces that can improve your educational visuals.

The website allows you to choose the size of educational clipart images for teachers and school (college) pupils. Also, this reliable source provides only appropriate artwork easy-to-use by kids and adults.

3. - Free Clipart Downloads

Downloadable graphics

The website offers over 79,000 free clip art icons and vectors. You will find images of nature, animals, flowers, well-known symbols, earth, cars, borders, corners, backgrounds, and other pieces here.

There is no need to Google clip art free because the site offers its search option. Besides, you can see a list of top keywords used by other free clipart seekers.

The variety of image formats, including SVG, Ai, ESP, and CDR, makes this clipart website an excellent source for your personal, educational, and business projects.

4. - Free Downloading Clip Art

Top clipart

Here is another clipart website with much great cliparts art. You get a chance to search through excellent and high-quality images, find the best free clip art, and download ten daily artworks at no cost.

The source is ideal for individuals and small companies that create graphic design projects, digital postcards, invitations, site designs, banners, and other crafts requiring illustrations.

To ease your search for free clipart downloads, select the category next to the field where you enter your inquiry.

5. - Free Printable Clip Art

No-cost images

Crafters who use graphics in their DIY projects can look at website. It offers free clip art, icons, font, photos, patterns, and vectors. You can find box templates and other helpful ready-to-print, cut, and use images.

The user-friendly navigation at the top makes it easy to find what you need right now. You don't need to type. Select the category and keywords or type your ideas to search for the free clipart images and vector files.

Think about your upcoming project, research the topic and complete your ideas with appropriate clip art.

6. - Free Clipart for Personal Use

Free graphics

If you want a free clip art source with no-cost images for personal use, is the place to go. It is a small community of artists who share their vector illustrations with others.

Here you can find clipart images on various themes, illustrations, and backgrounds. Many family artworks, icons, professions, hobbies, holiday graphics, etc., are available on this website. You will be amazed by the bright colors and ideas, and you will most likely download this free clipart for personal use.

7. - Royalty Free Clipart

Royalty free clip art 

With thousands of royalty-free clipart, this website offers many great images you can enjoy using for your DIY projects. Using a simple search bar, you can enter your ideas and look up vector images, icons, photographs, and other things.

This free clip art portal offers way more than regular images. It also has many fantastic wallpaper ideas, brushes, patterns, and textures to make your projects stand out.

8. - Vector Images

Free downloads

Fans of vector graphics might find this free clipart website handy. It has lovely images containing backgrounds that can be turned into holiday cards, posters, invitations, and other projects.

The site contains newly listed graphics, popular searches, and many categories that let you pick up something just for you. Choose from shapes, signs, technology, vintage, business, ornaments, elements, and other varieties.

9. - Simple Clipart Free

Downloadable images 

Trust monsters like Forbes and Wired, who choose the free clip art images from to enhance their posts. Find downloadable clip arts on country flags, professions, patterns, businesses, and other topics.

One of the best free clipart sites, this source is perfect for small companies, big giants, teachers, hobbyists, and others. It has so much to offer that you will always find quality clip art no matter what your task is.

10. - Free Downloads

Best free clipart sites

Teachers and aides can make their classroom activities brighter by creating colorful posters, instructions, quotes, and task papers with royalty-free clip art.

The source has many functional categories for teachers: science, school, medicine, plants, history, geography, animals, food, cultures, etc. Search for your theme and discover many great copyright-free clipart ideas to download and "clip" into your educational project.

11. Google Clip Art Free

Google clip art free

The next source of web clipart you can download for free is Google search. However, it will reveal many sites to you through which you have to roam looking for downloadable graphics for your projects.

The best thing about using Google clip art free search is the ability to view images and products, read reviews and discover many great opportunities, inspirational ideas, handy instructions, and unique styles.

12. - Free Downloadable Clip Arts

Clipart sites

With over 50,000 free clip art ideas, this source is one of the most reliable in finding the best images for whatever you create. The project offers multiple categories and a wide variety of themes, from tattoos and love texts to social network icons and video games.

Enjoy this free clipart library and download graphics for personal use. And if you wish to submit your PNG images, the website comes with such an option.

13. - Free Clip Art Images

Clipart library free

Whether looking for signs, symbols, icons, drawn figures, or anything else, the website allows you to search by color or theme. You can select from multiple categories of artworks shared by others, create an account for yourself or upload your images to convert to vectorized art.

Be creative, as a tiny choice of graphics no longer limits your imagination. The variety of platforms is perfect for every innovative soul on our planet.

14. - Web Clipart

Clipart website

Work faster on your projects by getting clip art for free from another great source. It is simple to find inspiration by clicking the categories, browsing the trends, and selecting from numerous royalty-free images.

Creators who wish to share their illustrations with the world can join this platform and upload their downloadable graphics.

15. - Cliparts

2022 clip art free

Find badges, banners, backgrounds, patterns, templates, and graphics to complete your projects and presentations on Search by seasons, holidays, and themes, and download free clipart of decent quality.

The site offers over 60,000 no-cost PSD and vector images. It is plenty to make any project shine and grab attention.


Is Google clipart free to download and use?

While you can google clip art free images and find many royalty-free options, it does not mean that you can download and use any graphics at no cost.

The most popular search engine reveals trends and top results, but it's up to you to read the policy offered by every website. It is against the copyright law to download any copyright-protected artwork you like and use it in your commercial projects.

Can I copy clipart for free?

Many free clipart images are available for free for personal and commercial use. But it doesn't mean you can copy any of them for free. It is best to read the policy on each source to understand what you are allowed to do and what is against the law. Copying copyright-protected graphics is illegal.

Where can I download free clip art?

Many digital shops, marketplaces, and stocks offer free downloadable clip arts. You can check the websites from our selection above to save you time and energy for being creative, or you can search for yourself.

What is royalty-free clipart?

All royalty-free clip art images offer a special license ordered once by businesses or individual users. It does not limit you to the number of projects for applying the purchased graphics and does not make you renew the license.

What is open clipart?

All open-source projects are online repositories that allow anyone to upload their open clipart and share it with anyone. It is a place where you can download and upload images for free and use them without restrictions.

What does "free clipart for commercial use" mean?

A website that offers images for commercial use at no cost is an excellent source of free graphics for your business needs.

What does "free clipart for personal use" mean?

Suppose graphics is only offered for personal use. In that case, you cannot insert it into your commercial projects, ads, social network promo campaigns, etc. It is meant for personal crafts and projects.


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