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Back to School Clipart

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Regular price $5.99
Regular price $5.99

Enjoy our collection of Back to School Clipart images. Each premium quality illustration features a transparent background and can be used in school posters, DIY projects, scrapbooking, planning, arts and crafts. You will fall in love with the elaborate details each artwork boasts!

Our vibrant school clipart collection depicts a bus, school supplies, pupils, boys, and little girls wearing a uniform, teachers, desks, and other educational symbols. You can find a wide variety of illustrations for your posters, cards, invitations, signs, scrapbooking, wall art, printables, and other craft items.

School Clipart

Digital Art Dreams designs adorable images with significant attention to detail. Every school clip art is unique and depicts pupils, students, young readers, school workers, educational activities, sports, and happy moments in the classroom.

There is something special and lovely for every crafter in our school clipart. Besides, you can order custom clipart and choose your preferred little boy or girl skin tone, hairstyle, uniform colors, etc.

The super cute back-to-school clipart features different occupations and cultural pastimes. This students clipart collection will cover all educational topics, from kids learning something new and reading a book to classroom furniture and school bus traveling, and much more.

Back to School Classroom Clipart

Children spend at least half a day in elementary, middle, and high school. Therefore, a significant part of every person's life is closely related to school activities, studies, and events.

Thus, our back-to-school classroom clipart can be helpful in your educational projects. You can enjoy a variety of colors, impressive details, unique designs, and adorable characters!

The list of back-to-school clipart themes offered by Digital Art Dreams includes classroom spirit, vacation, sports activities, Christmas celebrations, Halloween parties, graduation day, etc. You will find African American and light-skinned pupils, furniture (desk, whiteboard) variations, and all possible supplies used in the classroom.

Students Clipart

All school clip art is saved as individual PNG images. Every image comes with a transparent background. This way, you can quickly "clip" our artworks onto the scene of your card, invitation, poster, sign, website design.

Turn these school clipart images into non-profit and individual DIY projects and credit Also, you can create commercial projects and crafts with our school clipart without credit after ordering a Commercial License.

Digital Art Dreams loves designing back-to-school clipart and educational activities. Adorn the variety of illustrations and ideas, and may these cute characters and images spark your crafts, products, and DIY projects!